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We want you to see just how much of an impact your choice of Protect‑All® has on the world, which is why we’re introducing the Sustainability Calculator.

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We made it easy to calculate how much of an impact your choice of Protect‑All® has on the environment with our Sustainability Calculator.

Simply enter your email and square footage into our calculator and see just how much vinyl waste you could keep out of landfills with your choice of Protect‑All® flooring.

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When you choose Protect-All® Flooring, you’re making a positive impact. Contact us for more information on our full line of sustainable flooring products.

Performance Meets Sustainability

As you know, Protect‑All® Flooring has a lot of benefits. It’s non-porous, slip and stain-resistant, doesn’t require any yearly maintenance, and is ideal for the high-impact workplace.

What you may not have heard about are the sustainability measures that are taken with all Protect‑All® flooring manufacturing and installation.

Manufactured from over 90 percent recycled materials, Protect‑All® utilizes a specialized process that fuses remnant pieces of industrial-strength vinyl into one seamless, monolithic piece. 

As a result of our sustainability measures, millions of pounds of vinyl waste is kept out of landfills annually

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